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About Dixon Technologies

Experience Equals Ease and Efficiency

These days almost every business needs IT work, from mom and pop shops to law firms to grocery stores. But not every company is big enough to keep its own IT people on staff. Dixon Technologies is here to fill that technology gap for businesses in the greater Melbourne, Florida area. Our decades of industry experience mean relief for you. We’ll provide effective, customized solutions for your company so you can keep doing what you do best, whatever that may be. From network infrastructure to installation of security systems, on-going maintenance and more, Dixon Technologies has your tech covered.

Tailored to Suit Your Needs

At Dixon Technologies, we’ve been in the IT industry long enough to know that one size fits all is really one size fits one. That’s why our solutions are genuinely customized for the needs of your business, your networks, and your employees – no one else’s. We take the time to build relationships so we can truly understand your needs.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Most business owners are savvy enough to set up a new computer or get the online ball rolling with a cable modem. But when it comes to the more technical aspects of network systems, low-voltage cabling, and troubleshooting when something goes wrong, it’s easy for things to get beyond the skills of even capable managers. Here’s how Dixon Technologies’ services can help turn these issues into the easiest part of your day.

Network Infrastructure

If your network doesn’t get installed the right way the first time, you can be in for years of headaches. Let us create your network architecture in a way that fits your needs. We’ll then install everything your system needs for smooth sailing: copper and fiber cabling systems, switches, routers, firewalls, VPNs, and full wireless networks. Read More

Security Solutions

Keeping an ever-watchful eye on your business’s physical location is no longer optional. When you install video surveillance, make sure your cameras are perfectly positioned to cover maximum real estate. Dixon Technologies handles end to end IP camera solutions for both small and large deployments. Read More

VoIP Phone Services

Ready to ditch your POTS (plain old telephone service), get better service and save money? Voice over IP (VoIP) systems will deliver. Dixon Technologies can help you select and complete the installation of your fully-featured VoIP system, including desk IP phones, wireless, conference, or USB phones. Our systems scale to your size, can be leased or owned, and are excellent for remote users. Read More

Managed IT Services

Once you’ve got your networks, audio and video, and VoIP systems installed, Dixon Technologies still has your back. As your dedicated IT go-to team, we can secure your systems with virus, web, and email protection, data backup and recovery, patch management, network and data systems management, remote support and more. Read More

IT Systems Deployment & Maintenance

When you start out on the right foot, you’ll reach your goals faster. Let Dixon Technologies deploy your PCs so every system starts on solid footing. From larger enterprises to small businesses, we’ll get your computers set up, deploy software, install point of sale systems, and come to your rescue if anything starts misbehaving. Read More

Information Systems Consulting

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new business or looking for a fresh start on an existing one, make sure your network topology design will work for you and not against you. Our technology system design consulting, site assessments, and audits will ensure that your networks are capable of meeting your needs in the here and now and grow with you into the future. Read More

A Trusted, Reliable Local IT Partner

As a family-owned, locally operated business, we serve the Melbourne, Florida area with the commitment to quality, pride, and dependability you deserve. Our customers are our neighbors and are treated accordingly. You don’t have to take your chances with the experience level of the IT guy a big firm might send out to your business. Instead, you can get reliable services with the highest level of security done right the first time from Dixon Technologies.